2 Minutes with the Farmer: What is Your Crypto Hustle?!?!

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Today on 2 Minutes with the Farmer we are talking about your crypto Hustle. What are the ways you make extra money to buy crypto? I have three crypto Hustles that have been working for me. Would love to hear what ways you make extra money to feed your crypto habitat;)

Thank you for spending 2 minutes with me!


▶️ DTube

Just steemit for me!

That is where it all starts. With Steem;)

crypto cat clickbait :D

You know it;)

Howdy sir Farmer! wow, I got the latest version of esteem loaded and the dtube came up instantly! Never did that before, I assume the new version is the reason.

I ain't got much as far a side hustles, I just spend money buying supplies for repairs and projects around the property.

Well, I guess I do have an one, I just never thought of it as such. I'm using a Bitcoin wallet that pays an incredible 10 to 12% each month on my Bitcoin and it just keeps compounding. It's literally the best money-maker I've every had. Takes just $100 worth of Bitcoin to get started.

Very interesting. Could you share the name of the wallet?

Howdy today sir Farmer! yeah I'll give you a few links. I don't really know how to tell if a company is legitimate or not except as time goes by we can watch what they do and how they operate and I can't find anything suspicious about them and they've been operating for about 3 years.

They are very open and transparent. They use an AI trading program that makes micro profits throughout the trading day in the Bitcoin Forex and it ends up being from about .4 to 1% profits each day, that ends up being an average of 10 to 12% per month.

But you are the numbers guy so you'll probably have more questions for them. They tell the members exactly what's going on and where how they divide the profits up between the company and the investors.

There is also an affiliate component to this...there is an investor side and an affiliate side basically. This is not MLM but affiliates DO get paid a commission on the accounts of people who sign up under them.

However, that is only after an affiliate has had two people join and put in $200 worth of bitcoin and I have not so I won't earn anything off of you if you join so you don't have to worry that I'm just trying to make money off of you. lol.

This affiliate component is why I haven't told hardly anyone in steemit about it because I don't want them to think I'm suggesting it so I can make money off of them.

Most scam companies are very hard to get your money back out. Not with these guys, the big affiliate guys are taking money out every month with no problem. If this company lasts it will make many people millionaires because of the amazing compounding which you know all about but many people don't.

Here are the links:

This is my affiliate link which gives the major points in a fast and easy way to understand: https://cashcowprojects.com/janton

Here is the official MTI site which is a little boring but tons of information:

And here is where you can use the calculator to figure profits. Investors are setting up accounts for their kids and grandkids because after a few years the numbers get up in the millions. lol. IF the company lasts of course.

Let me know if you find anything suspicious about them.

I appreciate it. I will check them out

Thanks, let me know what you think.

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