2 Minutes with the Farmer: Alt-Coins 21 Day Gains!!!

in dtube •  last month

Today on 2 Minutes with the Farmer we are going to talk about the gains I have made on my $1,000 alt-coin investment that I made 21 days ago. It is crazy the gains you can make in the crypto market. For those of you that are new and havn't been following along I took $1,000 and put it into #XRP #TRX and #ADA. Watch the video to see how this farmer is doing in the cryptocurrency world.

Thank you for spending 2 minutes with me!

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Wow, that’s awesome! If it were me, I’d cash out. But I like to play safe. You know what they say, buy before everyone is buying and sell before everyone else is selling.


Words of wisdom;)

Congrats. Tron and Cardano are also 2 of my favorites. I have about 10 that I hold at this point of course Steem is one of them. Tron held well even during this last market drop and has increased over where it was before even though many others have not recovered. I like to get into the airdrops when they are new. You can get very large amounts of xcash right now for free on monthly airdrops over the next year or so. I think I get over 200,000 tokens a month. I also really liked electroneum back before it was even in the top 1000. Hope you make your mark to get the new calf. Making money in crypto is just as much about when to sell as what to buy.


Good advice. If you do not mind me asking what coins do you hold in your portfolio? Thanks


I hold electroeum, xcash , storm, golem, dodge, steller, cardano, tron, steem, digibyte, reddcoin. I think that is most of them. I bought in most when they were very new or small though like xcash is now. I bought I think 2 million x cash for like $50 and get over 200,000 tokens a month in airdrops. Once they get in the top 100 I usually don't buy anymore since they get on up their in price. The new altcoins are the ones that end up jumping 4000% but they are also higher risk but if xcash hits even 0.01 each I make 20k on a $50 investment and if not I lost a trip to the movies.


Very interesting. I am really new to the crypto investing. I like your strategy. So far my portfolio is just ADA TRX XRP and steem. Thanks for the info

Howdy sir Farmer! that is tremendous news! It is truly amazing. Those are great coins from what I've heard, just found out last night about how good Tron is in fact. lol.

Hey, I also just found out from watching a video by a crypto expert that there are 10 cryptos that are paying dividends and the good news is that they're tiny so they're cheap, they're paying in the form of their crypto in order to entice investors. The problem is I don't know what they are yet. His newsletter costs thousands to join and then he'll tell you. lol. But we should be able to find most of them by our own research.