2 Minutes with the Farmer: The Ranch Fly Trap Review Update!!!

in dtube •  20 days ago 

Today on 2 Minutes with the Farmer we are going to give you an update on the Ranch Fly Trap. We have been using them for a week now and would like to share the results with everyone one.

Thank you for spending 2 minutes with me!


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Howdy sir Farmer! yay dtube is working tonight. That sucks about the fly trap, what kind of bait do they recommend or does it come with?

It came with this stinky Fly Trap bate. We also tried milk eggs rotten fruit and raw meat. None seemed to work very well

That's too bad, I don't think they'll stay in business very long. What are the alternatives or is there? You have lots of those bird houses and those birds eat flies or just mosquitos?

They eat a lot of flys but the birds are gone now. After they hatch out their young They migrate

oh..well that sucks. Can't you import some birds that love to eat flys and don't migrate? lol.

I wish;)

Ok Bo!!! How did the it go using a different bait??

Not much better. I wouldn’t recommend them

Well that is good to know! I wonder how Zac did with his? @mericanhomestead

I watched his video. He didn’t say.

Same on this one. Dang it I really want to see those traps. I'll come back later.