I Am Not Afraid Of Death, Because I Believe In Reincarnation

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I have been thinking about why I think I am not as afraid of death, as a lot of people I know, and it might have to do with my belief system. I explain my belief system in the video, expounding on what I think reincarnation is all about. Thanks for the support!

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@boomshikha We don't need a belief system, we can be sober and face reality as it is. Reality is much more interesting and fun. I prefer to acknowledge that I don't have an answer than to make up one and believe it's true. Having a belief system stops curiosity, progress and the search for answers by giving you the illusion and satisfaction that you have already arrived at the answer. In other words, having a belief system is harmful on the long-term, even though it may be useful in the short-term.

Thanks for the suggestion!!!

Thank you so much for these video! I think that our soul is immortal and death is only the end of our physical body. When I heard about this the first time it makes sense and my opinion about death has completely changed. I have been always ready scared about death and it´s the worst thing in life which can happend. Most people think like this, because people teach these way. If death is not the end of our life, we can live much more liberated.

Yes, well said!! Thanks for watching. :)