The Crying LumberJack (T.B.B.S)

in dtube •  2 years ago 

EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG WHEN LUMBERJACKS START CRYING! Manly men crying will make you start crying as well, its a proven fact... Trust me, I did the research, with my own eyes.

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THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Dtube love YEAAAAAh!. Okay i'm going to watch the video now. lol.

"Another day another dollar.....I aint got." damn.HAHA I keep telling people to check you out. They don't know know what they missing.

Yeah I like him hahaa


man! I really reallllllllllllllllllly appreciate that! I'm so happy you dig my content!

LOL - Bobby, you on discord? Get on discord now! dnews is my username. Let's chat brotha, you hilarious, man! lol

I'll send you his username Vince. @bobbybosston has some talent.

you beat me to it lol but thanks for giving him the info for my discord. BIG THANKS

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wow, this is amazing!!!!! my mind is blown thanks for letting me know.