Tanbay's Top 100 For 2018 - My Reflections, and 2c Worth

in dtube •  21 days ago

Yo Yo my Steemies, Wattup?

If you've been around DTube for a while, then you'd know who @tanbay is.

He certainly made a name for himself, with his regular production, of the monthly Top 10 DTubers.

Well, he has just produced a Top 100 for 2018.

Firstly, I was stoked, to see that I came in at # 25, Thank you @dtube, and my DTube fam, and secondly, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the top 100 list.

As always, please let me know, your thoughts, in the comments below, or as a video, and link it, in the comments below.

Think, Believe, Achieve.


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by our support we will make steem has a huge value

@bobaphet, thank you for sharing with us your thoughts about STEEM Blockchain and that we have to think long term. Happy New Year!

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So true @bobaphet... it is so good to be now in this community with people like you seeing that money is not their main motivation. Can't agree more, this all will pay off (not just money wise) in the long term! Looking forward to that! Greetings from Barcelona

You certainly deserve to be among the top 100 drivers because you are truly amazing with your style of video presentations . You have a unique style of entertaining your fans and audience @bobaphet

A follow HODLER!!! YEY. Keep at it bobaphet. Well done.

Gosh I miss summer in Melbourne! I was there once in 2013 and it was so nice! Anyways the points you bring up are very true, I was researching how many of the top 100 are actually not posting anymore on here and it's quite a lot unfortunately :S

zell zell zell zhat zis zhere zo zay azout zis zopic! zi zan zay zhat zi zove zour zontent zand zat zou zeave ze zanting zore! Lets see if you can decipher what it is that I wrote Boba! hehehe :P


If you guess it right I will send you 5 Steem! (this challenge is only for @bobaphet) so no guessing guys unless you are him!


Zis not hard Zat all.

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Zhats zrong zabbit zot zour zongue 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Congrats Bob. You really deserve it. Seriously. Always love your material. Keep on keeping on my man.



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