What is Actifit and why is it a perfect fit for you? (A blocktrades sponsored contest)

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Actifit is one of my top rated and by far a a top favorite dapp.
It is a decentralised application that allows you to track your activity and skyrocket your health by incentivising a healthier and better lifestyle by rewarding your activity...daily!

I recently came across a contest announcement post here by @blocktrades which really got me excited.
I had more than enough reason to talk about one of my favorite dapps and also include some of my own creative comedy to it.

SO her it is. Enjoy.

I hate being too technical when I do not absolutely need to, so this video is just me having fun and relaying the vibe of @actifit that we all love and enjoy.

You can download and start using actifit right away by clicking here
and earn while getting fit, today!

Contact actifit:

Thanks @bdcommunity and @drisers for their unrivaled support. Show them love!
Thanks to @welcomewagon, @heyhaveyamet and #steemterminal for taking the time to help newbies. Stop by and say hello!
@cranium is awesome


Thank you @sergiomendes for making this awesome gif!

Sign up and download actifit and earn while getting fit, today!

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Invisible stairs walking and dancing was the best xD .
Great video . I hope you can get much Mula Mula for this ;)

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I hope too hahaha

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Actifit All About Activities ♥♥♥♥ ♬♩♩♩

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And we love them all!!

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Your presentation is super cool. I like the way that you had presented actifit wonderfully. Actifit should give you tribute for making this video.

Thank you

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Awesome! But would you like dance again?😁
Very good tutorial! Thank you!👊

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I will dance anytime hahaha