The Awareness & Engagement Contest by Jeronimorubio in Collaboration with BDCommunity

in dtube •  14 days ago

Yet another interesting contest by @jeronimorubio, this time collaborating with @bdcommunity.

In this entry I answer the 3 questions up to my best abilities and go on and around what I would like to see added to the dtube platform, the content I like to watch and the content I like to upload.

I was the first participant for his 1st Awareness and Engagement Contest, which was super fun to make; so of course I was going to participate this time, too.

I had so much fun sharing my thoughts, as well as, freestyling my thoughts as they compiled in my brain.

I highly appreciate the rules of this contest as it actually does encourage engagement and contributes to awareness and learning.

I highly recommend checking out the contest on:
and the @bdcommunity discord group.

Both Jeronimo and BDcommuntiy are very close to my heart, so participating in this contest was so natural for me.

(pssst, btw I am waiting for your entry, if you haven't uploaded it yet)

All of your thoughts and opinions are highly valuable and really matter.
Do take this opportunity to share some of yours with us.
Don't forget to thank @dtube for giving us a censorship-free video sharing platform that allows us to follow our passions.

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Some great insights bro, I love the way you think :)
I'm sure that you will one day find a great personal niche on here, in the mean time though, I'm loving your journey :)


Thank you so much! Aren't you participating?

I think it will take time, but eventually I might find something. I am enjoying being myself, so far