What? There is a Mobile App for DTUBE?!

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I am super happy today and excited to announce the "Dtube Client", a dedicated Dtube mobile app!

I feel like dtube is highly mobile phone oriented, with many users using dtube to upload or watch videos thought their mobile devices or tablets.

The app is super awesome and makes dtube so much more accessible and user-friendly.

Huge shout out to @immawake, @vaultec (dtube.network) and the @onelovedtube team (@graylan @techcoderx @d00k13)(dtube.uploader) for working on this project and contributing to it.
Thanks to @dtube, of course, we love you.

Make sure to download the app from your store and show some love to the team.

The app is still developing on the daily, so some feedback will be highly appreciated!

Make sure to watch the end of the video, I talk a little about the weather today, just for the lulz

▶️ DTube

Great stuff. Actually, there's a thing I wanted to ask you about, regarding DTube.

When I am watching your posts through eSteem, your DTube videos send me to the Web Browser, while @priyanarc's videos load directly inside the eSteem app.

Do you know why? Do you use different methods of posting?

Wait what? Cooooool! As they say take my money already!!!!

Oh wait. I actually get paid to watch these!!!!

Thank you @dtube and steem.


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Ahaha that means the developers are screaming “use our app and take our money” 🤣🤣🤣

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I am so excited for this! Its so nice that we never have to wait too long before something awesome as this pops up!

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I think this is not the official dtube app, as they said they are working on mobile app and this app has a lot of bugs

It is another access point for dtube.
As much as I used, it went very smooth and perfect for me. I wouldnt mind if there are bugs, it is still under maintanace and development.
Nevertheless, it is very user friendly and a service many have been seeking for.

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Thank you so much for stopping by. Really appreciate it

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everything works great on ios !

I am more than sure it will be on iOS. Its still developing, but with the potential it has I do not think it will be too long before the iOs is out

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Your support and promotion is appreciated 🍻

We Will Get There Together

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Thank you for supporting creators 😊

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It’s our pleasure ❤️

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Is there one for iPhone?

Not that i know of

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wow great.... for me.

Yes it is really great for mobile phone users. Its really making the dtube experience much better

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Sweet. I hope it works on my terrible phone!

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I sure hope it does. It really works very smoothly for me so far
It did work on all my android phones.

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Great work putting this vlog together man, very informative.

Thank you, I try my best.

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Thank you for all the work you are putting in on the SoS Daily news. Highly appreciate your efforts.

not working on older android versions 😞

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Oh my! I am sorry but I couldnt tell you why. Maybe try finding out why it is an issue through the official members?

Right on buddy, thank you for the promotion it’s deeply appreciated 💪

I just wish it was on iOS so I could test it out and promote also 😉

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Just trying to do my best to let the world know about something awesome.
It is too good to not be shared with the rest.

I am sure once this version gets rolling, the next aim will be for iOS.
The demand is there, the supply will come in quick

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Ulalalala. I will check! I downloaded to android. Great info! Thank you!

I am glad you could find out about the app.
The developers are really eager and open to suggestions, too.
I am really having fun with app

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