World of Warcraft Free to play Weekend

in dtube •  26 days ago

World of Warcraft

Its been awhile since I last played and hearing of the free gameplay over the weekend. I quickly updated and started playing . Why not .. its free anyways

Have been playing this game for many years till I had to stop due to time and of course my laptop couldnt take the specs required these days. As you can see the game is so laggy.

Artificial Intelligence

This weekend one of the Battlegrounds introduce AI with machine learning. As more games are played, the AI starts to learn new tactics. And playing against the AI today vs on Friday .. its really really getting tougher.

So check it out and have a great weekend.

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Totally uninstalled from my laptop 😂..

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Did not know it was free to play. Time to get back on it.

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only for this weekend till tuesday . but that AI bro ... its learning fast !!! was getting harder to beat


Oic.oic. Me now at Bangkok, will try once got time.

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