Opening 1,150 Beta Booster Packs On Steem Monsters

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Over the last few days Steem Monsters has come out with some great news and also have been on the front lines in pushing some much needed updates to the steem platform. (Lets just say I am not very happy with how Steem was run last year and steemit)

That being said I believe steem monsters game is about to blow up in a huge way with some of the new tactics they are taking. Because of that I decided to invest a bit more into cards a total of 1,150 cards which I open up here for you in this video.

If you are not already a part of Steem monsters game click here to join and get your beta booster packs before they are gone!

Hope you enjoy the video, thank you for any upvotes, comments and support.

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sounds very intresting , i don't understand how it work?
smart contract?
SMT token?


The investment part will be through steemengine I believe they will be releasing more details on it soon. This is something like SMT but its not the exchange/ SMT we have been waiting for for nearly 2 years now from steemit (which is the point of what really pisses me off about steemit but that is for another time)


The investment part will be through steemengine I believe they will be releasing more details on it soon.

Cards can also be delegated to other players like steem power


that's nice a delegate game :)

I don't play anymore but cool if you believe. I hope you make a decent profit in the long run. :)

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I buy a few packs a week but that was cool opening. I am of the thoughts the prices could soon sky rocket as the demand will surely go up with it dropping on trx and with clients for the android/apple on the horizon.

Huge opening! I imagine you are looking forward to the card delegation market to get automated!

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That and the partnership with tron should bring in a bunch of new players and my hopes are the card values will go up. Consider it an investment lol hopefully it pays off

I've never seen so many packages all together, the most I've managed to get was 12 packages. Unfortunately I found only bad cards, while you were very lucky.
Nice video, I was pleased to see it.


You will get good cards soon enough they are hard to come by but once you get one you'll be hooked for life lol

Wow what a flood you are. You made an awesome decision, you're ultimately welcome to steem monsters. I joined steem monsters last year May, and I agree about how steemit has run their operation, some have even left, but they failed to see that steem was bigger than steemit, steem is a monster crypto and the steem monsters team are leveraging on that fact and showing us daily what is possible.

Though my cards are still pretty much low level, I will make sure I give you a very hard time if at all you'd win should I meet you in battle.

Enjoy a bountiful roi my friend...


The starter battles are fair game since you can only use a certain level of card which makes the game a little more interesting and fair.