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in dtube •  7 months ago

I just wonder why I was inspired to play around with my Android loop, i so much love this chord combination, easy to manover.

Oh! About the tune i am playing? 😂 😂 lol. Well that is just what i will regard as a freestyle because I can't say I sat down to compose it i was just trying to play something unique and original and i came up with this!

Hello my beloved students, i am going to resume lectures soon after a long break, it wasn't my fault though, my country wants me to serve her and that is exactly what i am doing for the next one year.
Well that implies I will have to carry my guitar along with me to kebbi! OMG!! Thats a pretty long journey, 15hrs? Well the stress is worth it your growth is my concern, and the more i teach the better i get myself. Expect the lessons soon enough.. Don't forget the aim is to make that man or woman who has no idea about guitar but love to play start playing, so everything is going to be super elementary.

Watch out!!

Shout-out to my sweet people that has been contributing to my growth on steemit
@aderonkemi, @captainbob, @candyman,@wafrica,@dtube and many others i cant even recollect right now
i guess what i will just do is compile all the username of all this great people.
No post will pass without saying thank you for your supports
I love you all.

Alright why not start enjoying this piece already!
Remember to comment, upvote and resteem

I love you all!!!

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