Drawn in black pen and watercolors.

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Hello friends of STEEMIT, in this opportunity I want to show you this visual artistic work, made on a surface of smooth white cardboard, with dimensions of 34 cm by 27 cm, where I wanted to mix two very different components, such as the black pen and watercolors, for me they make very good combinations, with the delineation of the black ballpoint I can make definitions, which are difficult to do with watercolor and then watercolor gives that effect of art very colorful, I call it "pop art".

Reflections in colors.

Step 1 y 2.

We made our sketch in graphite pencil "hb 2" and then proceeded to impersonate it by very smooth delineates of black ballpoint ink .

Step 3 y 4.

With the fine delineation of the black ballpoint pen, we can give a clearer definition of our drawing, then we give a very soft layer of red color, in watercolor .

Step 5 y 6.

In this step we began to work directly with the watercolor giving colors not too strong to mix the tones. .


Friends, I say goodbye, wishing you many successes in your publications, I do it as usual with this thought.

Your mind is like water, when it is agitated it is difficult to see, but if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear .



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Muy buena @betzaelcorvo!
Colores difuminados y esencial acabado...
Gran talento amigo mío, siga así


gracias amigo un gran saludo y mucho éxitos.

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thank you friends for that medal, greetings.