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Do you want to know why I can't stop uploading to YouTube??

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I really really REALLY want to start uploading on DTube and kick YouTube to the curb.... but I can't because I can never figure out how to get DTube to actually play a video. DTube videos won't play on my MacBookPro (which has 16GB of ram so it should work) or my iPhone 6+.

I currently have around 17,000 subscribers on YouTube, but I would love to move all of my new content over to DTube. I feel like there is way more potential here that I want to take advantage of. But I can not get it to work!

What in the world am I doing wrong?

@myndnow, I have been desperately wanting to watch your vlogs on DTube, but I can't. This vlog is the one that I am most interested in because I want to learn the ropes:

DVlog #17 - 9 Tips on How to SUCCEED on Dtube (For Beginners) (sorry I also can not figure out how to embed the DTube video here like YT)

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So help me out, pretty pretty please!!

What am I doing wrong? Does anyone know why I can't view DTube videos?

Love this Steemit Community!!! Thank you for allowing me to hang with you.


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I can’t get my videos on dtube. No matter what I do, it says there’s an error. I’ve searched for answers and can find none. I guess I’m gonna have to get someone smarter than me to just do it for me! Lol


I know right? It's a bummer.

The issue I have is sometimes the dtube video will play and other times it will not. But if I come back later to one that didn't play sometimes I can get it to play. I'm sure they are working on the issue....as for your issue, sorry no idea!