Dtube Exclusive - BuzzSteem Ep. 35 [Easing the Elderly into Crypto]

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Hi guys!

I covered a few different topics today:

  • #openmic drama between @luzcypher and some other Steemians.

  • User @artz and how awesome he is to have compiled a mega-list of all the contests on Steemit.

And the main thing I discussed today was a bounce off of @Taskmaster4550's blog today which was about a basic income. I addressed the issues that I foresaw with those somewhat beyond technology, and how we handle the elderly in general as we brace for impact into this new technological world!

I also plugged the ebook that I transcribed for my mother. If you want to read a heartwarming story about taking care of an elderly parent, this book is for you, and you can find it here!


And the Steemian of the day is @brianphobos! Go check him out!

That's all for today. Join me tomorrow for some more Steemy Buzz!

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hello. my elders wouldn't kno what crypto is of it slapped them in the face. IAm hoping to start a new contest today

Haha I hear ya! When I explain it to my mom, she's like "it might as well be monopoly money you are talking about". I guess it's not a whole lot different than that in a way! Ooo I will have to check that out!

lol yes it is kind of similar. My mom doesn't even know what monopoly is.

I hear what you're saying about the elderly. I guess it's up to us just to encourage them and help them. And to explain to them why the technology is important. Also, we need to put ourselves in their shoes and think about what they value and find those things in the blockchain to introduce them to it.

Yeah I suppose with people my parent's age that's possible, but people who support taking away SS from the elderly and replacing it with crypto aren't considering the huge part of the population that don't even use cell phones much less computers and blockchain. I mean, I'm a spritely 30 year old that grew up with technology, and I have a hard time keeping up with it, an 80 year old struggling with dementia is certainly not going to be "earning their keep" by posting on Steemit, nor should they really. All of those people paid into American Social Security, and I feel like they should be able to get out what they paid in. I think this new idea is only going to be applicable to the generation after this one.

I agree. I don't think anyone should have their social security taken away. Especially to be replaced with social media. When you're old you might not want to be involved in social media. You might want to sit in a rocking chair with your grandchildren on your lap wear your great-grandchildren. Actually, more likely than not, you would want nothing to do with social media. I look at it more as a way to help the elderly supplement their social security. Replacing it is an unpractical idea. 😎

@bethwheatcraft, hahahaha, you made me laugh so hard i knocked my cereal off the table, tried to explain the crypto to my mum and all she could do was to laugh and ask me how many government has adopted it, i gave an answer and she gave me that "if i slap you look."

I have given up for now, i would try later.

Thanks for sharing this @bethwheatcraft

Thank you for caring about your parents. My mom learned to send texts a couple of years before she passed away. It literally changed her life. It should be our responsibility to educate the elderly on the NEW. Afterall, they gave it their all for us.

Oh I totally agree. I have introduced my mom to Facebook, texting, everything on a smart phone, and we exchange favors all the time. My dad will come over and help me change my oil and I will fix something wrong with their Amazon Fire Stick, or defrag their computer, or help them with something on their phone! I think all of those technological advances are amazing and life altering in their own right! I just don't know if that generation is ready for all this...as I find myself barely ready for it, and I am really young!

Too true. I tried to explain cryptocurrency to my father in law, and I literally broke it down as much as I could, and just when I thought he got it, he walked out and said that he just doesn't get it haha.

I'm delighted with everything you post I can not stop reading you your venezuela fan

Thanks! You're so sweet!

Great post. The elderly adoption of new, rapidly changing technology is a tough problem in general. I think the answer is probably in creating a bridge between what they're familiar with and the new tech. There will be some that can keep up but many will not. I'm not even sure it's just the elderly but even those who are not inclined to dive into new tech and learn it (let's face it, crypto is not an easy concept for most to pick up.. yet). I'm pretty sure I'd have a really hard time teaching my mom or mother-in-law about public and private keys, blockchain, different cryptos, crypto-to-crypto exchange, etc. All the while, they still struggle to check email and log onto Facebook. They treat text messaging like email writing small books at a snail's pace. They're just not going to "learn" it, something has to ease the transition for them.

Maybe if someone started offering crypto debit-card like things and created a standard banking interface for them. Of course, that recentralizes the de-centralization to some extent, but this is something that a company like Coinbase or other exchanges could capitalize on. Or, if banks are worried about their foothold, they could partner with exchanges and offer seamless integration with fiat accounts. That way, people are just acquiring and spending "money" without worrying about all the keys and transactions.

IDK - it's a tough problem. As always, I enjoyed your vid. Keep'm coming.

Yea it's definitely a mind bender. The first time I withdrew SBD on here, it felt like performing brain surgery, haha. Everything is so complex right now! I imagine it will get easier, but I still don't see the actual elderly really grasping any of this. They were born with and will die with a fiat based system, as it would likely take decades for crypto to replace fiat, if it even does, rather than just existing alongside it! It's all quite a pickle though!

Errr, we need a platform like Facebook where the oldies can interact with one another whilst earning crypto. And to integrate a few games in there to ensure they get totally hooked.

I've heard of a place, minus the games. Let me see if I can remember it...

And their typing speed doesn't matter as long as they publish and get their friends to upvote. :-D

Or maybe we need a STEEM BINGO app designed just for them! :-D

'Two little ducks' - Twenty Two

Haha Steem Bingo! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! That's a great idea!

I don't want to sound callus... but I don't know what the solution is for the boomers and older. I don't think Steem is a terrible option for them... Facebook is still very popular with the older generation, and there are some older users on Steem that seem to be having fun posting content and making posts. So, it's not impossible, but for your older older generation I'm not sure what the solution is... and it might be a case that this is a solution for our generation, the pension was supposed to be a solution for everyone older than us... but there is very obviously going to be a gap.

I think 401K's need to be regulated a bit better in the States. In Australia our superannuation seems to be a lot more protected and is accumulated from your first working day... and you take it with you as you move around jobs. If a company wants to retrench you, they have to offer a severance package... but your super is protected.

It makes it hard for companies to make big sweeping changes, and kinda makes Australia not super profitable for them... so it's a tough one.

I say... the sooner we get our parents onto Steem, the better for everyone.

Well that's my guess. The fed has been playing with SS money that they weren't supposed to be touching and "borrowing from Peter to pay Paul" as it were. So now the only way for the boomers to get their SS is supposedly having the gen xers and millennials work to the bone so we can continue to supplement the income that the government stole. I call bullshit. I think it needs to be calculated how much everyone paid in and distributed back to the people who paid. If we have to cut every stupid unneccessary program, and every government job that isn't a necessity, then so be it. Those older people deserve the money they involuntarily had to give up! At that point, there may very well be older people who are interested in Crypto, but I imagine it is an idea lost on many, and they still need money to live.

Sorry, what's SS? Whatever it is, the whole thing sounds awful. I really liked your comment about 'if we even have a government' because, quite frankly, this model just isn't working for us. I often think about new forms of government for the new world, but haven't come up with anything good yet. We've got ourselves into a bit of a bind.

Sorry. It stands for Social Security. The ponzi scheme that the government set up at the turn of the last century!

@bethwheatcraft I put family first in ANY of my conversations and comment
I felt bad by the challenges suffered by papa @bethwheatcraft at work. I pictured him as a strong man from what you said in this video.
That company deserves a spank➖
The rest of the buzzsteem info was quite informative.
Engaging the elderly ones into crypto is a good call!
Where I hail from, the elderly ones here ain't quite familiar with the Internet and the level of education they recd is poor.
Regarding the books you recommended, it's good I'll check it out some other time, I'll just bookmark the link for now.
@brainphhobos congrats to him👏👏👏.
I'd love to be his friend.
That will be all.


Good morning friends
do not forget my vote 😄😄😄😄

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