BBPs They Are Billions First Playing Session Part 2/3

in dtube •  2 years ago 

Testing this game out and learning the ropes. Upvote!

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This game makes me want to go back and play Age of Empires too lol.

Seems like a pretty fun game! Kind of reminds me of Age of Empires...Spent so much damn time on that game XD. Will you be trying all kinds of games on your channel? If yes, i'd recommend you try out Rust on Steam. Would love to see you play it!

Gave you a follow and upvoted :D

Would be appreciated if you can check out my blog posts as well :D Thanks!

I have XCOM2 gameplay that I propably have to finish at some point. I would also like to show Grim Dawn and finish my Styx game. There are some games coming next year that I propably check out so I don't know if I have time for Rust.

ooh id live to see you play Grim Dawn, have you ever thought about showing some league of legends gameplay? Im addicted to league right now :D

I tried LoL long time ago, but felt that it was realy not a game for me. I would say that I'm "picky" with my games.