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Hey everyone!!!

So last night was very very special, my lovely boyfriend decided to surprise me on the 8th of March which is the woman’s day, in fact it is an international woman’s day. In my country we celebrate this every year, and it was so special that my boyfriend decided to spoil me last night and take me to this garden, or some sort of forest on the 35th floor in the centre of London.


I have never been to this place before, although it seems like a very touristy place and a lot of people go and visit it. The views are absolutely stunning from this floor and you can see the entire of London, you can see the shard you can see the Tower Hill and all the bridges.

We were really lucky as well as it was a sunny day and all the pictures and the video came out absolutely amazing.I thought it was really romantic of him to plan the surprise from me and take me out.


So we didn’t drink any alcohol to celebrate because we’re both on the strict a regime at the moment and we don’t drink alcohol or eat sugar, however we decided to have some diet Coke and treat ourselves, LOL.and I think this was probably the most expensive diet Coke I have ever seen in my life it cost us 8 pounds for two cokes now that’s around 20$.


So if you wanna go out there and you know have a drink I suggest you have some tapwater ha ha.So @ivargereiko has booked a lovely dinner for us as well and we had a liver pâté to start with and then we shared the main courses we ordered the lamb shank with some pearl barley and then the second dish was pork belly with cuscus and out because I am on the street died the food tasted absolutely incredible and I keep making really nice noises throughout the dinner.




I really really enjoyed spending time with him having a chat and talking about life and our future goals. We are so excited to share this video with you and so you get to see a little bit of our lovely days and I hope you enjoy this vlog. We really appreciate all the comments all the upvotes and all your support guys thank you so so much for watching for reading and until next time.

oh and P.S. this is a joint account but I just wanted to say that you know I have the best boyfriend in the world and I really really feel so lucky to have you in my life and I am so in love.

Alla & Ivar!

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Nice date.....share the olives!!!

Woooo you guys look great in this video, absolutely amazing and you did try in taking those angle shots. Great camera focus, you did it yourself?

Seee the excitement all over you. Wow tjis is good let me go and look for bae to take her to.... Maybe 50floors, or mountain climbing. Hajaha, i enjoyed your tour. Thanks for sharing, say hi to @bearandbee for me. He is the bomb!


aww thanks so much :))) yes i did film it all myself ;)) hahaha yeah he is really cool!!

Postingan anda sangat indah..
Saya menyukai nya...

Wooow amazing. Happy nice day.


thank you so much :)))

Yup that is a very nice Venue. And great place to take pictures :) I trust you were not too critical of the cuisine? :P


hehe thanks so much ;) no we loved it!

its very great place to take picture
i enjoyed this moment in your video
awesome !


thanks for watching :) we appreciate :)!


your welcome buddy

you and Ms. @allasyummyfood
are very romantic.

I hope to find someone who can make me happy in the future.
greetings for Ms. @allasyummyfood


aww thanks so much :)) im sure you will!


you are welcome friend

FOREST ? really? :)


hahahah did you watch the video? thats what it looked like and is called :) i know funny :P


I was just kidding from my side :)

You guys are the cutest! Well done, Ivar! You're such a sweetheart!

waaww .. beautiful


cheers :))

i loved the image transitions on the video, how the video and images were mixed, you made it really immersive.

the food looked very tasty and when it got dark the place looked really awesome! very nice date!

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Wow...that was such a wonderful romantic date, the views of London from there are fantastic. I like your strict discipline to your diet-no sugar or alcohol but those diet cokes were damn expensive. The food looked delicious too :)You guys make such a lovely couple :)

Awww you guys are the cutest!!!! The Sky Garden is beautiful and well done Ivar as far as I remember you really have to book in advance for this so good job for getting a place on Woman's Day :)! Looks like you both had a very romantic time <3!

Awesome! So glad you two had such a wonderful time in my home city.

Very best wishes to you both.

hopefully live together until the end of life..

Aww what a romantic night. The food looks to die for. So glad you had a wonderful love filled night

How fantastic!! To have a boyfriend that celebrates International Women's Day is very special.

good news
help resteem me post