linkseven77 introduction video @bboyady // late submission (20+ times failed upload)

in #dtube5 years ago

oh gosh, before i start i must let you know that i uploaded this video using two days. lol.... Luckily I dont give up and i finally succeed.

wow, I am abandoned dtube for such a long time!!!!!

sorry for been missing for such a long period and some of you guys maybe already forget me or pull out auto upvote from me. No worry, i am totally understand and aware about this and of course i will not blame for that and I am happy enough for the support given and i hope soon i can support you all back. cheers for that.

today finally I have the opportunity to post my #linkseven77 post. Yes, this is my late post about my introduction about myself. I hope I did not do wrong and thanks to @nathanmars and @nathanmars7 for this awesome initiative and hopefully all benefit from it for sure.

It is first time I am using 8 minutes for a single video. Lol. I dont know I can talk so long. haha. seems i can do more motivational talk in dtube maybe. lol, just kidding.

I am impress with the dtube community that really support each other and this is the main point why I am still here to be active in steemit.

So hope by this video you all can understand and know who I am in person.

below is my youtube link for your reference


but to be in linkseven77 family, below is the criteria for you to follow:

1)At least 177SP
2)Take a video of Youtube self-introduction, 7 points that describe about you.
3)Send a Dtube connection about this project and add Youtube video
4)Share this Dtube post to Twitter ( #Znap7 #STEEM on the label)
After completing the above four points, it is called Znap7. Then submit this Znap7 to @nathanmars or DM @nathanmars7

Thank you again for everyone support.

cheers and steem on

Who am I:

  • bboyady or called me ady
  • hip hop enthusiast
  • @steemxp Kota Kinabalu City Manager

  • love to break dance(bboy)

  • photography and videography

  • scuba diving

  • hoping can be traveller soon

  • location: Malaysia Borneo (Sabah)

  • I blog about dance, hip hop music, movie and others steemit related post

  • teammalaysia, #qurator, #steemitbloggers member.

Join me in steemit to get paid when you share your content with us.

credit to @cklai for the #teammalaysia sabah region banner

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Animation By @zord189

▶️ DTube


Finally can upload, saw your previous post talking about can't upload

Yes..... Finallyyyyyy. Wanna cry already

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Kan! Log out then log in again then upload then failed many times. I also want to give up sudah

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Ya loh. The tips is the video file cannot too big. Lok

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Great intro @@@bboyady. OMG when will I get to find the time for my LinkSeven77 video. I hope I will still be accepted in the Linkseven77 family, because I know I have missed the dateline.

Thanks brother. Just do it bro... It is still acceptable, we all have our own busy life.

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Thank you very mucj

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Goodness, I haven't posted mine. This is like a reminder to me to post my dtube intro. Thanks bro and awesome intro too!

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Cheers bro. Lets do it

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Ady that were a great 8 minutes

Thank you very much@brittandjosie. I am appreciate it .

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Welcome to linkseven77 family @bboyady ...nice to meet you... Blessings.

Cheers brother. Nice to meet you too

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Good thing you didn't give up and we get to know you more in this 8 minutes video. I am proud to be in LinkSeven77 with you and other members. Try to get the latest updated version of LinkSeven77 at @nathanmars and @nathanmars7 account. 😊

Thank you sister for dropping by and the compliment. Lets go for the great future ecosystem

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