In Motion Timelapse - National Parks, Milky Way, etc.

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western rampage cover.jpg
Timelapse was one of the first forms of videography that I started doing, and I love the process. It's such an investment, and usually has a great payoff. Some locations you don't have much to do, so you just sit there for hours waiting on time to pass. Then, when you get home you import all your photos, edit and compile them and watch the beauty of the Earth and its natural motion do its thing. To me, it kind of helps me slow down and appreciate what all is going on around me, because if you fast forward it you can see the incredible energy we have around us. Whether it is the motion of the Earth, the clouds, or even a lake rippling because of the breeze, incredible things are constantly happen if we know how to look. This is a timelapse I made a few years ago, and is still one of the favorite things I've ever done.

I'm planning on doing a tutorial on how to do a timelapse, and then eventually how to do more complex timelapses like this so stay tuned!

In the summer of 2015, two friends and I left Columbus Ohio, and went out to the Western United States for almost a month, hiking and camping nearly all the way. Thus concludes 3,343 pictures, 711 minutes, and one of the best times of my life.
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Awesome footage! I liked the milky way shot!
I also do timelapse :)

Nice mate. Glad to see a fellow photographer up here on Steemit !

@aweber, this is absolute gold! You sir, are remarkable and the results you got are truly exceptional. Although I enjoy studying certain topics such as music and bitcoin/cryptography, I also love videography and I hope one day to be able to produce similar work.
Well done and thank you so much for the time you took to create this!

Hey @marccage833 I appreciate you taking the time to watch it! I'm glad you enjoy it! I'll be doing a tutorial on timelapse soon, so stay tuned if you do wish to produce similar work to this. Merry Christmas!

Its breathe taking!

Beautyful video

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great landscapes! master piece man, thanks for sharing, peace!

Wow, i really enjoyed your video!
Thank you for sharing. :)

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