A gruesome example of my previous VHS transfers

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In my previous post I talked about bringing out the VHS recorder for a recent music video project..

...and thought it would be fun to look back at a music video I made back in October 2018, in which I did just that.

It was for a band called Bloodbath (I think you know what's coming next) for a song called Chainsaw Lullaby.

(I won't be offended if you preview/watch the video with the volume down - their sound is, how do you say, an acquired taste?) (actually, so is the video!)

As the band describe it..."Chainsaw Lullaby is the new blood-soaked, psycho slashing song and video from the Swedish masters of death and black metal"

The video (and song) played homage to 80's slasher flicks, and so the icing on the cake was running it through my tape machine for a that lovely scuzzed up effect.
I stayed up until 4am to get the machine working properly and to get the video finished and sent off for 9am the next day, when it would be signed off.

The things I do to go the extra mile on my videos, eh?

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Dude. I love this. Very grind-house. I noticed an homage to Freddy, assuming intentional, and the VHS quality is a lot of fun.

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Thanks man! Ooh interesting on the Freddy reference..
I grew up watching Nightmare on Elm Street, so the visuals were certainly inspired by the films - shadows and things especially :) Also the lighting and smoke in the den scene - daylight vs tungsten is something I've always loved to play with!
It was good fun to do but it was a lot of work on a tight timeframe.

They're always good projects to look back on rather than when you're in the moment - better to see them with fresh eyes. Thanks for the kind words man!

Yeah. I was thinking the chainsaw villain's shirt was inspired by Freddy. Similar pattern and colors.

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