DTube Vlog: Let me show a strange place.

in dtube •  5 months ago 

Hello Steemians

Hope, everyone is alright
and I'm also good.

In this video; I've showed a strange place which I've seen as a strange one at least.
Actually I've found that place on the way and the land of that place is not seems as soil nor mud but it's a mixed of mud and soil, i guess.

I don't know if you guys see this as strange cause the video hasn't showed it in a strange way.
But practically when I've seen it; it was something more than strange, actually.

You should watch the video in order to see what I'm talking about.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

That's all for now.

"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"

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@ashikstd, Yes, this place is strange for sure and it's reflecting as, if anyone will put their foot on the ground will be drowned. But, it's the beauty of creation and sometimes we see really strange stuff for sure. Stay blessed. 🙂

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thanks brother.
you've just cleared my confusion about it and that's so helpful to clear the mind.

I appreciate you visiting my blog.
hope to see you again.

Stay Blessed.

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Welcome and thank you so much. Have a great time ahead. 🙂