Arturelia Review: Megan Leavey

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My Film Rating System:

1/10 Don't watch this film

2/10 Awful, I wouldn't even bother wasting my time watching this film

3/10 Bad, not a good film, it's really bad

4/10 Not good at all, I would rather see something better

5/10 Meh, it bored me after watching it through the beginning to end

6/10 Okay, it wasn't the best, but had some good ideas in there.

7/10 Good, it's a good film. (However, most of the time, a 7 can either be that I thought it was a good film, and had good elements, but it's not something I'll come back to again, depending on what the film is, or how it went. Most of the time, it will be a film that I'll watch once)

8/10 Great, it's a great film with a lot of stuff in it that will make you come back to watch it again. Even if it has some issues in story or plot, it's still worth watching, even if there's no flaws, just depends on what it is

9/10 Awesome, it's really awesome, so much epicness in this film

10/10 Excelente, 100%, watch this film, you will love it

Bonus Rating System - If a film is Good and Great, at the same time (or at least getting up there) 7.5/10 and so on. It can also be a boost of how much I liked this film and because it's really good or brilliant. Or if a film is toooo weird then that would be a confusing rating. (?)

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