Steem Machine "Pimp My Ride Project" for Steem Fest 3 Krakow

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Before we start, check my project! -!/@artakush/37twf20vh

As you may know, November 7-11th , I and few other content creators (@buttcoins - Guatemala; @kevinli - Australia; @captainbob and @bimjer - USA) are traveling with a car to Steemfest 3 in Krakow. There we will meet the rest of DDaily family.

To make our road trip more interesting and effective, I am offering you, steemians, to promote your dApps, communities and/or products on my super photogenic PEUGEOT 106!

magine: over 2600 km back and forth on the road, crossing The Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

Besides that we will expose the car at the SteemFest 3 Krakow too! You will have a chance to see the car, take photos with it, and do a video with it!

All of the subscriptions will have their own video shout out made by me, mentioning your support to this project, sticker, and user name!


And it would not end there: I am offering this advertising space on my car for the entire year!

Do not miss out on this awesome chance to promote your business on the Steem Machine!

This is an iconic tradition that will be happening every year for SteemFest

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Subscribed as soon as I saw the "POW" overlay! Great stuff man! I can't wait to watch the road trip. Lol great trunk gag.

Thanks brother for your support! I hope it brings some attention to people and it will become an icon of the SteemFest for many years to go!

Haha, I think someone left me there,.. low battery... damn ;D

Bless Ya Man! :D

Thanks @neopch ! Thanks for backing me up and supporting me! We need to crack a good deal for a "NEO" sticker on that car!

I'm awaiting for that ;-D

Hehe right? You should think of an original logo or aticker you would like to see on the Steem Machine!

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I don't know if I can afford it? ;)

Oh yeahhh

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Oh Hell Yeah!! Can't wait to see you In NL! Pack them bags good!

Why did you hit that dog... 😝

Good luck on the project!!!

It's a "dog-like" fist bump haha
Thanks for the heads-up!
Looking forward to see a @smartmediagroup sticker there too!

Lol'd too hard how that guy barged into your vid and your reaction. Nice pimp my ride edits, also!

So, if I got it right. I can design my own sticker. Support your fundition and you will make the sticker and stick it on the car?

If so, that's a great idea and I'll surely support it. Just tell me how much do I need to pay per sticker.

Hehe, I am glad you had fun watching it!

I have changed the rewards for the stickers and now it is 100$ worth of SBD or Steem, and you get a 10*10cm sticker that will stay for months after the Steem Fest on the Steem Machine!

You can check the project here:!/@artakush/37twf20vh

I have changed the rewards, necause there is so little time left, and I would love to see the car all in steem blockchain dapps and community colors

P.S. If you will decide to make a design for the sticker, be sure to use .eps or .svg files, as these are the ones that can be used to make stickers!

Thanks for you support!

Not sure if I'll be able to collect that much rewards on time but I'll give it my best.

Would really like to see my sticker on the car driving all the way to Steemfest, back and months after.

Did you already get anyone to do it yet?

I ordered 3 stickers myself. One for fundition, one for DDaily community and one for steem blockchain. All feom my own pocket. I have heard that some community members will send me their logos today. But it would be cool to see the blockchain participate too!

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When is the last day you are accepting the orders? If nothing else, I'll do a dtube video to help promote the initiative.

Awesome. Well I guess the last day is around wednesday. As it takes couple of days to make proper and laminated stickers.

You can also use a special hastag to be a collaborator of the project. You can find the tag in my fundition project.

It is also a great idea to make a separate dtube video for promotion! I could not be more thankful for your support!

Muchas Gracias!

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What exactly does it mean to be a collaborator for the project?

Will it come out in your fundition campaign then, or how does it work?

Np, I'm always glad to support great projects/ideas on the Steem blockchain.

It is only through mutual support that we will see this blockchain and ourselves exponentionally grow in value!

pimp dat shit beyotch!! krakow or bust baby!

Krakow to the Max!!!

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You can pimp my ri...i... ide,
pimp my ride.

Hehe! Yes you CAN!
@bobaphet on a bush'y set!

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Oh nice, one the ugliest eurocars out there :D Are you gonna pimp it out seriously or you will go 100% ricer with it? Ricer with huge spoilers and cheapest possible fart cans would be fun :D

It would be fun to pimp it like that, but my idea is to cover it with stickers representing and promoting Steem Blockchain!

Spoilers sounds dope though!

Lol The man on the phone. WTF?. I wish you success in pimping your ride @artakush

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Brother! People are obscure, can't do anything with them, as only take the fun out of them, and put it online hehe

Main reason - Promote the awesome @steem blockchain on and off the road trip to the @steemfest !

Much Love for your support!

Artakush starts the car in the bush...

😂 truth be told!. Bless and success!. Let's pimp that Artamobile!

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What a great idea dear @artakush I wish you all the best in your promotions, in your car. I find it super cool. Good energy for all this years to be blessings and great achievements.
Good vibes.

Thanks you @angelica7 I hope it will bring fun and joy not only for us travelers, but also to people who will see the car with the stickers on it! Especially around the SteemFest 3!

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Who's going in the boot? I vote for @kevinli!

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