Aglaja -The Lady Cat - Goes to Veterinarian

in dtube •  2 months ago

Today I have brought our lady cat, Aglaja, to Veterinarian, as her lip was swollen from probably a scratch from a mouse, one of our cats brought dead the other day.

Just to be sure she has no bad infection we went for a check-up. Gladly doctor said she was ok, and all-in-all she was healthy and looking good.

She god some antibiotics to use for upcoming five days, and the swollen lip should be gone by that time.

Have you ever got a prey being brought to your feet by your pets?

We have this gift almost once a year! That shows how much they love us!

Do not dream it - Steemit!


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That cute little kitten awwww

and because its cuteness you forgot the keys AND
you needed to drive behind that vehicle at the end to have the possibility to look longer in her cute green eyes haha


She is cute for sure, but I should look out, when I do a vlog and have to take care of little beast at the same time lol ;D