WOW! We just interviewed @exyle in The Hague Tech | SPECIAL VLOG

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Today we had a special visitor at @k64 ! @exyle, one of the top 40 witnesses visited me and @foxi30 in The Hague! We had a great chance to ask interesting question about how Mark started with steem, how @k64 can get help and reach on @steem blockchain, blockchain gaming and many more interesting questions!

Next Friday is fourth Friday in The Hague Tech, which means blockchain enthusiasts and many other interesting people and projects will be presented. Do not miss it and pass by!

P.s. i completely forgot to give @exyle some of our fancy swag, since he will visit us on 26th. I will keep them safe for him uptill that day.

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Awesome interview. It is always nice to see @exyle so enthusiastically talking about the Steem blockchain! Wish you guys all the best translating your gaming projects over to Steem!!

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Wish I was in the Netherlands so that I could come by! Steem should be a welcome home for all other blockchain projects. I agree 100% with @exyle that it's the social blockchain. It should be the social hub where all people who are interested in decentralized solutions to congregate about their passions. That's why I'm so excited about our upcoming Communities feature. Pretty soon every project, regardless of what blockchain they use, or whether they use a blockchain at all, will be able to create their own community that they retain ownership over because it's on Steem. Not only that, but with the release of SMTs, they'll be able to release their very own social currency into that community that would be completely supplementary to whatever existing products or tokens they have integrated into their stack. Look forward to learning more about The Hague Tech!

Steem on!

Wow i didnt know i had a Witness living in the same City as i do! :D haha awesome!

I had such a blast visiting @k64 today. Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope in the future Steem, Komodo and K64 can all work together to make blockchain go mainstream.

Words to a god ear! We are more than happy to invite you and hopefully this is a beggining of a beautiful relationship and new adventures around the blockchain world!

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Nice interview there by @foxi30. Spreading positivity about the Steem blockchain and looking to take it to the next level. Steemians unite!

Hoping @k64 can bring some of their talent over to these sides. Gaming via the Steem blockchain certainly seems like a winning formula.

Hi, @artakush!

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I would get excited too if I saw @exyle lounging around...

Then he gave you away hahahaha

It's cool that you guys hung out and wishing you all the best
By the way, is that your son?

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