in dtube •  5 months ago

Hi there!

This is a cinematic drone edit of the beautiful sunrise I captured at nature! Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to capture more of nature!


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@art.visuals What an amazing drone shot. I have never seen a drone shot as amazing as this one. You should be a film maker. Great work man !!


Thank's man! :)

Well, I am a filmmaker :D That is the only thing I do to get funds and live.


Opps !! Sorry !! I didnt knew that .. Anyways loved your work very much. Keep posting such good videos.

Awsome shots mate ! Really inspiring ! I wish I could do such amazing drone footage with my new toy :P


Thank you!!! :)

EZ! Just fly it every day for a while and remember to edit your videos after flying. Because then you will be able to see what can you improve on your flights much better!

Have a nice day!

Man, I can't get enough of that LOL
There is so much more going on there than you can take in, with just one viewing.
I've said it before bro, and I'll say it again, and i'm sure i will again;
You're a magician.
Much love,


Aww thank you so much, Bob! :)

it is so amazing to hear such words from you!

Peace to you to!

Nice trees and the fog is realy nice :)
Your drone shots are keep getting better and better!


Thank you so much! :)

Nice one @art.visuals what drones are you using and where do you get them from?


Thanks! :)

I am using the Mavic Pro Platinum!