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Hi there!

So a few days ago I woke up really early and took a ride to the seaside. Had my Mavic Air with me and took some epic shots of the frozen sea, later in the video there are these epic ice mountains that sea has made!

Have a nice ride!



Keep the great content up @art.visuals, cant't wait to have a Mavic as well!
The light effects were really awesome!

Thank you so much! :)

Yeah, the sunrise is the best!

Nice! Good luck with you drone! :)

Absolutely stunning :)
and what a strange place to find a bevy of swans :)

Thank you so much!
Yeah, I was really surprised to see them and that they were chill about me filming them with a loud device :D

Wow a having a frozen sea in Latvia. I have never seen such before or heard about a frozen sea in its entirety . I only know of such in the artic region of the world, and they are not completely frozen. Nice quality video @art.visuals

Yeah, it does that almost every year! :D Thank you! :)

I see you are doing great content i will vote up and subscribe to stay tuned about new content :D

Love the drone shots. They look great. I cant wait to afford one myself.

Love this! That one sequence where the line of swans begins moving one by one was gold.

Never fails to amaze

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