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Hello there!
Today, I had a drone flying masterclass from @art.visuals - the ever-improving drone pilot and my main companion Reinis.

This was the third time I was flying a drone, the previous being a year ago, it felt a bit awkward and unsafe, but everything went fine!
The best thing about flying a drone is the view you can get.

One of the most unpleasant things, besides that beeping noise is also the weight of the footage. My poor mac couldn’t digest the material and render it as I was editing, so I had to edit it basically blindfolded. Which was fun.
To be honest, I had a great laugh about the crazy high-speed twisting and turning drone shots. I had a lot of fun rotating.

Controlling a drone feels so easy, like playing a game, but the thought that you’re operating a real life object in the same space with birds and planes, through a device is both strange and a bit unsettling.

The most important thing, in my opinion, is to lose that fear. Actually, it applies to everything in life.

Watch the video to hear some tips from the pro drone pilot @art.visuals

Also make sure to check out his vlog on our collaboration!

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AH! This was such a great vlog. I really enjoyed it. Looks like you're well on your way to becoming an ever-learning-and-improving drone pilot! Woot!


Thank you so much, happy to hear that! 😊
I definitely know where I have to improve, but it would be cool, I admit!

#1 thing to take into consideration: power-lines. Also faces. Drones are sharp! Haha. Great video! Way better than my first flight!


Yes! 👌🏼 Only, this didn't apply to us, as we chose a perfectly safe wire-free area.
Thanks! I still have a lot to improve, haha!


You did great! I've been flying for 3 years and it still raises my blood pressure every time I hear the battery warning. :p


Ohh, wow, I hope you overcome that soon! 😄

It is so nice that Reinis is teaching you to fly a drone! An excellent thing to do together! :) Looking forward to more drone shots form you! :)


He's the best! 😊
Hmm, I'll take this as an argument to borrow a drone, then. 😄

Yep you are right . If a person can overcome his fear then he can do anything he want in life. But controlling your fear is first condition to acheive something in life.

I need to buy a drone :)

Amazing work, you 2 are amazing. Keep sharing the content. 🐣


Thanks so much, Todd! You, too! 😊

The "mock" interview was fabulous!

Nothing like dead silence for comedic effect.


Haha, thanks, happy to hear that! 😄

Boom yeh !! This is great for me to watch :)
Also, @art.visuals, great answer to question #1 :)


Lovely! Glad you enjoyed it! 🙏🏼

You did well on your first drone flight. I want to try this as well!!! But I don’t know anyone who owns a drone :(


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