No food for 3 days! - Documenting the physical and spiritual healing of intentional fasting!

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(click the image above for the video of my 3-day fast!)


Fasting among the plethora of modern day health trends actually has a long and tried history. Accounts through almost all religions, spiritual practices and cultures.

The benefits of fasting are many. Spiritual connection, fighting disease, improved cognition, weight loss, fights diabetes, fights and prevents neuro-degenerative diseases, improves aging and to top it all off it is one of the only clinically proven ways to prolong lifespan across many mammal species including humans.

Once again we return to the past to remember what we have forgotten.

Now let me make it clear on my intentions for my curiosity and practice of Fasting. My intention is not to starve myself, or to punish and deprive myself in anyway.

My intention is of a geat self love. To push my beliefs and limits around food. To re-assosicate my perspective around, when I eat. How much I eat. And what I eat. In order to take care of my body I ask these quesitons.

I will observe how it affects my body, mind and spirit, and like an Alchemist use these data to better distill my own consciousness. I love my body and how it looks, this is not an exterior motive, rather an interior motive.

History of Fasting


As I said before fasting has a long past and is mentioned quite a bit from common sources.

“To eat when you are sick, is to feed your illness”. - Hippocrates (c 460 – c370 BC)

Hippocrates is widely considered the father of modern medicine. And greatly proselytized the practice of fasting as a basis for a healthy body and mind. To make a note Hippocrates lived to 97. Just Saying. From Platos writing in Phaedrus he describes Hippocrates as having a philosophical approach to Medicine. A long shot from how we view health now. A purely physical materialistic worldview. Rather than the unseen non physical repercussion of Dis-Ease. Hippocrates himself believed that undigested residues from an unsuitable diet passed into the body and caused disease.

“To eat when you are sick, is to feed your illness”. -Hippocrates

Another ancient Greek writer and historian Plutarch (cAD46 – c AD 120) Said something similar. “Instead of using medicine, better fast today”. Many of the great Ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle avidly followed fasting.

Religious Background

The great prophets of modern religion Jesus Christ, Buddha and the prophet Muhammed have something in common. Fasting.


Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism. All have in their origin stories and mythology Fasting. In the spiritual practices fasting is thought of as something to cleanse yourself, to purify not only your body, but your mind and spirit.

In Buddhism long periods of fasting for days to weeks is often done to this day. Many Buddhists will only eat in the morning and then fast until the next morning.


On Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. The prophet Mohamed also advised to not eat every Monday and Thursday.


All in all some of the most influential people throughout all of history have practiced fasting and or calorie restriction over a lifetime.

Why is it not practiced today? Due to rampant capitalism and a very materialistic view on evolution we have been program and taught that we need to eat all the time. All day long. 3 meals a day was advertised by food product companies. And here we are.

I could go on and on about modern day eating habits and how lowered caloric intake overtime affects your body.
But I am going to be short. I hope you watch the video above and learn something from my own experience.

I love you all thanks for reading and watching



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Great post. I love fasting. Since we have so many fresh coconuts available we always do a 72-hour coconut water and water fast. So good for you!

Oooo. That sounds nice. A coconut fast. I have a new idea! Feels great doesn't it!? Always nice to reset the body.

It sure does feel great! And the coconut water was a welcome addition to it.

Thanks! A lot more content on it's way!!

Loved this article! 👍 Been thinking about ways to kick off a healthier 2018. Will be giving this a try...and try to write up my first fasting experience.

Please do! It's a great way to feel better. Let me know when you post your fastof experience!

Here it is a real post on which i can say, 💚super💚 please follow me

Hey thank you @alexssteemiter I appreciate the feedback and the comment. I definitely will check our your stuff.

I love fasting :D I usually just do water fasts but I also did a 10 day juice fast which was cool after watching that documentary with the Ozzy bloke who did it and cured his sickness and got off all his medication (I forgot the name of the documentary haha sorry)

10 day juice fast. Well done. I haven't gone that long with any of my fasts but I definitely want to push it longer. Fasting seems to be amazing for curing certain diseases including auto-immune. It definitely needs to be researched more.

Yeah I think there is a lot of research going on so we'll just have to wait and see :D but for now we can carry out our own little experiments as long as we know our limits and don't push to far =]

The health and mental benefits of fasting can not be overemphasized. Thanks for the history lessons on fasting

Absolutely @n3ke thanks for the comment.

Thank you @computerbastler I appreciate you watching an commenting more great content on it's way!!!

Do you do water fasting?

I try to only drink water during my fasts.

BROTHER. SO LEGIT youre doing this, im about 35 hours into a 2 day right now before ceremony tomorrow :) LOVE YOU MAN.

Break your fast with bone broth, its the key to restarting the whole system.

Nice! I just started day 2 of another fast haha. Wow. 3 days before a ceremony. I can only imagine man. That is going to be powerful. I will definitely break the fast with bone broth!

the video is super awesome😊

amazing article, i can learn from this all ,, 😊😊😊

Thank you @arielframadhan I'm glad you can learn from my post. That makes me super happy. A lot more content coming!

You are welcome, I am waiting for your next content,,,😊😊😊😊

Nearly all our organs need some rest. This includes our GI tract. In order to restore mucus membranes we need to fast.
This is also optimal for immune health.

It's so true @supremelongevity I think we put way to much on our bodies by eating all the time. And it is so beneficial to either fast or learn how to eat less. We don't need to binge eat all the time. And yes, it is one of the best things I have ever done for my immune health. Thank you for stopping by and leaving an intelligent comment! Much appreciated.

awesome post. i always been very interesting in fasting and practiced it couple of time in the past. nice info. thanks for sharing

I highly suggest you try it! You won't regret it. It takes a lot of discipline and self mastery but the benefits are undeniable. Do your research. Whether it's intermittent fasting or multi day fasting you won't regret it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

awesome video man, powerful fasting

Hey thank you @yngskywalker fasting really is powerful. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.

It's great to see people educate themselves about fasting and even greater to see them try it! A lovely way to heal your body and soul and to calm your mind! Thanks for sharing, my friend!

Absolutely @spellmaker it's be great to try it out and experiment but even better to share the information. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a great content. Much more to come soon.

nice video ... please foolw me @agammajid

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Nicely done on the fasting. I've been doing intermittent fasting for a few months. Once you have intermittent down it's a little easier to go into a fast. On day two you feel pretty amazing. I get a lot of clarity and focus. It's great for the digestive system to get some rest and your body actually starts to repair itself.

Yeah it really helps with stomach problems! Helps you get control on your digestion. And you're right if you have either practiced a keto diet or intermittent fasting it really helps slip into a fasted state. Thanks for the comment!

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The health and mental benefits of fasting can not be overemphasized. Thanks for the history lessons on fasting

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I have been on a 5 day water fast. It was not as bad as I thought. In fact, it was't bad at all.

For 5 days, I just had water and nothing else. The 4th day was little difficult. Rest of the times, I was just doing fine.

How fasting helps?

Fasting gives body the time to clear the shit(toxins) out of body.

The liver is responsible for neutralizing free radicals and detoxify the body. When we fast, no more free radicals from our unhealthy food enter our system. Fasting reduces the burden from the liver and it can do its job well.

Not a five day fast, but you should definitely go for a regular one day fast. Make sure you don't smoke particularly during fasting.

Great post. I keep a fasting day every week, usually on Thursdays. The next day I am feeling so much better. Fasting has so much benefits for our body!

The healing acquired from fasting-physically, mentally and spiritually is astonishing. Before 2017 I had only done sporadic 24 hours fasts throughout my life for spiritual purposes, unbeknownst to me of the physical benefits. Since June I have completed 3, 7, and 10 day fasts several times every month with remarkable results. Definitely something that should be worked up to. I wouldnt recommend a very toxic person fast for more than a day or two, as the toxins brought out for elimination could cause many undesirable symptoms. I thoroughly enjoy fasting! All mammals in nature fast regularly for healing and we should be no different. Great post. Thank you

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