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Hello @dtube on this video I made the znap # 4 video znap is a 3-minute video filling in the questions in the video and getting feedback or response ... I have a question asking friends to answer it in the comments column
what's your work outside the dtube platform.
please respond in the friends comments column.
Here I want to share with friends about my busy life outside the dtube platform. I am a final semester student so I have not finished my job ... every day I spend 12 hours on the internet. make the video upload on the dtube platform and I have a youtube channel too but on youtube I'm less active. and I am still at home with my parents sometimes I help them in the garden or in the fields.
Previously I was a wedding photography and now but I have retired in my limited equipment ... now I focus on the dtube / steemit platform and it takes 12 hours per day.
#znap inisatif brother @nathanmars
tahnks you

My name is @armia and as always Thanks for watching
Satu daun lagi semangat menggali potret inspirasi dari kampong kenegeri hanya untuk berprestasi sekolah tinggi-tinggi ujungnya korupsi mending kumandiri saja dari steemit.
Ingin berinteraksi dengan saya silahkan ke Social media
Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/SatudaunLagi
Instgram : https://www.instagram.com/armiamuhammad03/
Salam @armia

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Hello there! Currently I am not employed by anyone else. I work for myself and my family. In the past I have held many different types of positions from Office Assistant, customer service, photographer, entertainer, and so on. My main job in life is caring and managing my family to ensure everyone is happy and healthy. I've learned many skills through the years and currently my main "job" is to live my life doing what I love which includes daily learning and working towards building a future here on dtube and other steem platforms while enjoying the creativity of it all. I am in the beginning stages, but I hope to write and produce beneficial content to contribute to the community overall. So, thank-you very much for asking! I will say this... I don't see myself as unemployed, I see myself as living my life doing what I love. I am thankful to have that opportunity to do so. #zap

very difficult question my brother @armia.
.He he he! I cannot tell you this secret. Government did not approved it as valid.

I work at a supermarket doing a variety of roles because I like to help all the departments xD other than that I go to school and volunteer as a sitting chair member of the University Senate research committee and the excellence awards committee!


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