This is what happens when two soundtracks from different Sega Genesis videogames are mixed

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¡Hello, Steemians!
In the post of today, I will show something rare I did accidentally using the programs Cheat Engine & Gold Wave as tools to create this mixed soundtrack. Also, another featured thing is the visualization "Disco inferno", Slow Decent & Falling edition, created by Zylot for Winamp. Because that's the media player I used to record the music using OBS Studio.
I matched the following OSTs (Original SoundTracks):

A soundtrack of Lotus Turbo Challenge

Mixed with the soundtrack #05 of Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

I silenced some instruments using Cheat Engine while playing those musics, then I recorded the parts with GoldWave. After that I mixed them & modified with almost only select, copy & mix.

Download link of ".wav" file:

▶️ DTube

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