Disclosure? Don't Fall For It! (Secret Agenda Exposed)

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UFO footage was released from the Defense Department recently. It's making main stream news. John Podesta is saying we need to "lift the veil" and tell the truth about UFOs. These are bad signs. Don't fall for it. We can't trust the main stream media or John Podesta.

Former NASA scientist, Dr. Carol Rosin, is one of over 500 government officials that have come forward with their testimony of first hand experience of ETs, UFOs, and secret energy technologies. They've all joined the Disclosure Project, headed by Steven Greer.

Dr. Rosin says met Wernher Von Braun told her that the government's plan is to weaponize space, and they're going to stage an alien invasion in order to convince us to allow them to do it.

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Is there a UFO really?


According the Department of Defense, yes.