Hints Litecoin Is About To Go To The Moon In 2018

in dtube •  9 months ago

Charlie has hinted several times that there are big things around the corner for Litecoin. Plus there are rumors about Amazon and/or Facebook integrating Litecoin. Is Litecoin going to the moon in 2018?

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My guess is (in this order)

  1. Litecoin continues to be implemented on a bunch of smaller platforms as a viable payment option.
  2. In spring of this year Litecoin surprise the world by launching the lightning network much sooner then expected, and implement atomic swaps at the very same time cementing it as the #1 transaction crypto in the space (BTC savings + LTC spending = dynamic duo)
  3. With the launch of lightning network a small amount of MAJOR platforms sign on to be some of the primary starting "hubs" for the Lightning network (cough Amazon cough)
  4. Charlie Lee leaves Litecoin to help further decentralize it (once he knows its on the right path, explains why he sold his LTC a few weeks back)
  5. Litecoin then follows this a few months later with the release of MAST smart contracts giving its payment capability more flexibility as well as giving the opportunity for ICOs to take place on the Litecoin network (using lightning) giving it the ability to compete against ETH/ADA/EOS...
  6. Next Litecoin launches confidential transactions which allow it to compete within the privacy crypto market against major players such as Monero, Zcash, DASH, Verge...

Plus a whole bunch of other stuff scattered in the mix (but those IMO are the big ones to expect this year, starting this spring).

Should be an interesting year for LTC to say the least...


STABLE GENIUS LEVELS!! Excellent predictions.

Sounds interessting!

Charlie has been cooking on a few earthshattering deals behind the scene and the Amazon deal could be the biggest one.