Emir of Qatar & Prime Minister of Turkey Steal Syrian Oil Excavators - No Translation

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By mistake I've uploaded the raw video without English subtitles, I'm uploading the video again with English subtitles. There's no way to delete this so it'll remain here.

It was a very much evil plot planned for a long time by the most wicked people on this planet to destroy, kill and loot Syria and the Syrian people. Some of the most evil are still in power like the Turkish Erdogan thing, others have been replaced like Obama and the former Emir of Qatar, but none was charged for any crime they committed.

Here you can see clearly trucks and oil excavators stolen by terrorists from the 'North Storm Brigade' (dissolved later and members joined Nusra Front - alQaeda) driving it through the official border crossing they took control of with the help of NATO member state Turkey into NATO territories (Turkey).

This video has been taken off from the net so many times by all social media platforms and by YouTube, but we will keep uploading it until the criminals get their punishment. First upload 28 November 2012:

Read: http://www.syrianews.cc/syria-emir-qatar-prime-minister-turkey-steal-syrian-oil-machinery-broad-daylight/

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This video was uploaded without English subtitles by my mistake, I'm uploading the one with English subtitles after this: https://steemit.com/dtube/@arabisouri/emyctiub

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