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We just started our world tour representing APPICS at several events!
Our First Stop is Dubai - Finnovate Middle East 2018

We had the opportunity to be one of the speakers at the Finovate Middle East event which took place last week at Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre in Dubai U.A.E. It is a event with banking, financial, payment technology and blockchain presentations. We got insights from global fintech leaders about the latest regional technology trends live on stage.

Furthermore, we had our very own exhibition booth to introduce and discuss about upcoming @appics projects and of course our main ICO, which is starting on March 28th.
We also had a screen next to our booth where we played some APPICS videos. Our Videos recorded by Esko @thehipsterguru were definitely an eye catcher to stop by!

The first day was filled with high energy as Uma (COO & Founder of APPICS) had her 7 minute demo presenting APPICS live on stage to the audience. No slides or video were allowed.
We did not find out until next day that everyone who had their demo could win one of three trophies for the best demo. Using the Finovate app, you were able to vote for the most impressive demo. And APPICS was honored for one of the best presentation, which we are really happy and proud of!

We had interesting conversations and networked with many great founders and investors not only from across the middle east, but also around the globe.
The APPICS team had a wonderful time at the Finovate event and we want to thank everyone who stopped by showing interest und left positive feedback behind.

Preparations and the rehearsal at day one - Watch it below on DTube!

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Day of the presentation - Watch it below on DTube!

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APPICS was honored for the best presentation at Finovate Middle East - Watch it below on DTube!

@mrs.steemit @lisadang @thehipsterguru

Our next event is just around the corner, which is the „The World Blockchain and Token Summit“. We are really glad to be one of 7 Gold Sponsors for this event and are looking forward to an exciting day filled with interesting presentations and more networking opportunities.

APPICS just started a giveaway!
Where would you like to travel to if you could get rewarded for it?
Win a 1000€ voucher and an APPICS travel bag for your next journey!
Follow @appics.official on Instagram to find out how to enter.

**The winner will be announced on the 28th of March, the day of our ICO!

To stay in touch with Team APPICS, visit and join us on Telegram, Slack, Instagram and Facebook.


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Excellent job guys! I am very excited to see the final product! Tomas

i am retweeting your post on twitter
to my 34k followers
but you only give me 5 stakes
it should be 50
not 5

Beautiful design of the post. Pleasant photos and videos. Thank you. We need to study this topic.

I everyday became more exciting about Appics. I am glad to see you upadating us everyday. well done. wish you the best. resteemed


yoohoooo... I'm excited too hahha !!.. Appics ♡ see u on discord bro.. 😅


ahhahah for sure I always there to tell you more about apppics lol..

this project is amazing, a friend told me about it today and i Google about it it lead me back to steemit lol, did not know you guys are in steemit, its great though.

sire i have a team @project-atlas that runs campaigns and hype for projects especially crypto products, on social media most precisely twitter. How can we be of service to this great project sire?

So proud of #TeamAppics I can't wait to see everyone again :)

So everything goes according to the plan.
A few more days.Well done people

Great to see appics going strong with the development and events! I simply can't wait for it to come out :)


We wouldn't be here without such a strong community. Thank you very much for your support! We can´t wait either

Thanks for good news.

Great project, eagerly looking forward to the ICO as well as the eventual launch of the app.

Japan.. Definitely Japan again.. It's been 3 years now, that I didn't see that country

So excited with this proyect.
Way to go guys!
Marry me, APPICS!


hahaha, thats great.
See you in the ICO.

That is a good development... And once again congratulations on the honoured given for your presentations... I doff cap for Appics

Wow what a success for the APPICS Team. I hope more and more people will get excited about APPICS and the possibility that it offers. The dubai event is definitely a boost for more people to join the crowdsale!!!

excellent presentation im glad everything went well, March 28 here we come!

I liked your post!!) Subscribed. Subscribe and on me, support each other)

Representing #Appics Like a BOSS over there in the Middle East! Nicely done! :)

Greta News !!! Can't wait for more exciting adventures from Appics :):):)

amazing guys!

Excellent work you guys!
Congrats again on winning the prize, an additional indicator and push in the right direction of how big of a success APPICS can be.

I can really see the potential in your project and I can’t wait to have the final product on my phone. I’ve already told some people about it and all of you are an amazing team.
I’m gonna stay tuned for more news and of course the next stage of the ICO. Good luck on your further representation tour :)

Can't wait to download the app! really looking forward. :D <3

Appics looks promessing, i will do some research later the day

This will be amazing!

wish Appics will be in Africa and Nigeria in particular soon, where young men and women in Africa can learn from the very best in the industry

waooo esperando el gran día, espero que sea de gran éxito.

I can learn a lot from your post-designs by going through your blog here. Really well done. Makes feel good about what you are going to do with Appics. :)

My best wishes to the project with more future in 2018

Interesting project opening a path as one of the first SMT. Soon on our mobile devices

"@Appics is making moves, as you can see in Dubai
During the ICO, they all were saying, 'Do Buy!'
Halfway through the year, now we are loving July
'Cause the best has yet to come and price is gonna soon fly..."


"@Appics is making moves, as you can see in Dubai
During the ICO, they all were saying, 'Do Buy!'
Halfway through the year, now we are loving July
'Cause the best has yet to come and price is gonna soon fly..."


Oh I hear Dubai is a very wealthy and high class location. I would love to go there, especially if it involves Appics and the whole project that will change the social media world!

passion rewarded!!!!!passion rewarded!!!!!