I Broke D Tube

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So I’ve joined Steemit and it seemed like the next step was to join D Tube, isn’t that what a good Steemit newb does!!

So I joined up and it was simple, the accounts synced and I was ready be become the Casey Neistat of D Tube!!

I Shoot a video , as I’m waiting for it to upload ( which is alittle slow ) I upload my Snap ( video thumbnail) and I’m read it go!!

I hit Submit!!! Bring on the $$$$$

ERROR ..... you need to upload a snap!

D Tube weren’t you following along ? I uploaded a snap, time and time again I tried and I can’t submit ..

I broke D Tube
Now after cutting off my arm in frustration, still no video uploaded , I just get the circle of death by the snap!!
Help , I only have one arm left!!


Yeah, I really like the concept of DTube, but unfortunately its fraught with problems galore. I think they will manage to get it right in due time though. I've had uploads fail to encode properly, or just fail altogether. The other alternative for when DTube is acting up is to make your video on YouTube, then embed into a blog post here. Most of the traffic from DTube comes from Steemit anyway.

Ahh that’s a good idea , I do have a YouTube account but thought I’d try to get on D Tube early

I agree, we should still post to DTube as well, this way we can build subscribers to our channels here, and not just YouTube.

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