Happy St.Patricks Day Everyone

in #dtube3 years ago

Just a quick message for all of you for today. Be safe, have fun and be happy. I can't wait to share all my upcoming content with you and I hope you enjoy all that's coming.

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always safe and responsible, happy st paddy's day!

Congrats on the dtube vote!

waiting for more.

Thanks I appreciate that. I hope you enjoy all the new content that I will be putting out and if you haven't already be sure to check out the videos and photos that I have already posted. Have a great day!

Your doing great! Just Creeped your blog it's all quality work.

Saw you in our discord, welcome welcome, been behind on meet and greets with all the backend work but you have not gone unnoticed.

You definitely have me beat with editing, I no professional like your parkour video!

WOW on the bitgeek stat.

Thanks that means a lot to me. I'm still learning myself and getting better all the time. Always room to grow and improve. Hopefully one day I can go full time on here making videos and editing photos. That's the dream.

You have my support, Lets make it happen!

Thank you. That means a lot to me. I'm going to try and keep trying. I live in Los Angeles so it's not a cheap place to live but I'm surviving at the moment. Just have to keep working at it!

Happy St. Patrick day. Congrats :)

Thanks you too!

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