How Would you Integrate Seeding and Naturals Action to the Steem Blockchain ? PROJECT THOUGHTS [SBI Contest + 10 Steem Reward] 🌿🌍💚

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Hello dear friends !

Today I present you a video alternating seed and insect in full pollination, recorded during this first part of summer :-) The project I would like to launch on this blockchain would be related to the protection of the planet and would reward good actions for the environment ! A little like @cleanplanet... but by combining different ideas in addition to collecting waste, planting trees and flowers, respecting animals, preserving and protecting fauna and flora.

But for the moment I don't know yet how to launch and start this project in a technical way on Steem blockchain, that's why I call on you !

Developers, coders and others, do you have any advice to give me, should I put a new Tribe online ? I would like this project/community to be a bridge between Steem and real life ! I strongly invite you all to give me your advice on how you would see this project ! I remain a beginner especially on the technical and marketing parts :)

Your feedback and comments are of course most welcomed !

In addition, the first 20 CONSTRUCTIVE responses will be rewarded with one or more SBI shares ! The authors of the best answers will also be able to receive an additional 10 Steem ! So, it's up to you !!

The music I used : "jasmine" by Eevee

Take good care of yourself and see you soon :)

Peace & Steem On !


Bonjour chers amis !

Aujourd'hui je vous présente une vidéo alternant des ramassages de graines et d’insectes en pleine pollinisation, enregistrées durant cette première partie d’été :-) Le projet que j’aimerai lancer sur cette blockchain aurait rapport avec la protection de la planète et récompenserai les bonnes actions pour l’environnement ! Un peu dans l’idée de @cleanplanet… mais en associant différentes idées en plus de ramasser des déchets, planter des arbres et des fleurs, respect des animaux, préservation et protection de la faune et de la flore.

Mais pour l’instant je ne sais pas encore comment lancer et mettre en route ce projet de façon technique sur la blockchain de Steem, c’est pourquoi je fais appel à vous !

Développeurs, codeurs et autres auriez vous des conseils à me donner, devrai-je mettre en ligne une nouvelle Tribe ? J’aimerai que ce projet/communauté soit un pont entre Steem et la vie réelle ! Je vous invite fortement à tous à me donner vos conseils sur comment vous verriez ce projet !!! Je reste un débutant surtout sur les parties techniques et de marketing :)

Vos impressions et commentaires sont bien entendu les bienvenus !

De plus, les 20 premières réponses CONSTRUCTIVES seront récompensées par une ou plusieurs part SBI ! Les auteurs des meilleures réponses pourront aussi recevoir 10 Steem supplémentaires ! Alors, à vous de jouer !!

La musique que j'ai utilisée : « jasmine » de Eevee

Prenez bien soin de vous et à bientôt :)

Peace & Steem On !



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Dear @attn

I love your passion for the environment and for the concept of 'seeding' because it's also a metaphor for planting environmental change. It's hard for us who have great visions and great communities, but without the techspertise to really allow our ideas to fly. A specifically 'environment' front end would be cool for this, perhaps embracing permaculture, naturalmedicine and similiar environmentally themed tags. It would be a real headache though, these projects take a whole team of people, time and money to get going. Let me know if you find an answer, perhaps we could help out in some way xx

Yes, I am well aware of all these difficulties and I am happy that it is summer to think about it ! We would indeed like so much that these things that are so dear to us go faster !!! I will still think a lot more about how this project will work, as well as how to reward the different actions... Thank you for your proposal, I will keep that in mind, but a global gathering of all the organizations dedicated to ecology seems to me as obvious as it is essential :-) thank you again for your answer (which made you win 2 SBI shares :)

See you very soon ! ^^

well, surething you could use the INT tag to reach audiences that may be abble to help you, i see that like a great initiative and had to be drived with love (: right now in this part of the globe in trying to bring a lot of natural medicine folks ontro cryptos.

ah, here's a good idea ! I'll add this tag for the next posts :)) yes, the objective is clearly to "tidy up" our planet by adding small ecological actions !! thank you for your comment (I'll send you a SBI share :))

Beautiful project you have here, I'm not a coder but I believe we should have a conscious coin, a token to facilitate improving the planet, as you wish to do. So go for it and make everyone conscious, even if it means you have to incentivise them. Humans are by nature incentivised by rewards, so imagine a coin you can receive for every cleanup you do. A coin that is tradable and worth something. Steemit and the Tribes can facilitate this. It would be the best use of the steemit blockchain, and you could be the one to do it. I'm proud of you.

thank you for your comment @julianhorack ! yes, I think that as you think, there will be a token attributed to this project ! to see on Steem-Engine and with the upcoming arrival of SMT ;-)
In the idea, it's a bit @cleanplanet but broader and with more rewarding actions... You also won 2 SBI shares :-) see you soon for the next part ^^

Yay a new project to help the Earth, I love it! :D I unfortunately am not a coder either, so I don't have any advice on that front. I hope to be able to join in the actions, though!
I was enjoying your video - I LOVED seeing all the pollinators! I applauded when I saw the bumblers. <3 I love the bees. But the video froze at 1:09 and I tried refreshing the page a few times and even checking my internet connection, and it just wouldn't reload at all, so I think maybe DTube is having an issue today. :(
I am hoping to be able to get some clover seed in time to do another guerilla gardening op before fall, as apparently late summer is a good time to plant clover seeds.

yes, it really means a lot to me, I guess the actions will really be open to the maximum !!

ah damn, damn ! yes, it may be a problem on their side.... (?) it's a good idea that I'll keep in a corner of my head, because clovers are an excellent fertilizer :)))


🌍 💚

(you also win 2 SBI parts :))

Aw, thank you for the SBI! :D

you're welcome,
i will surely need more advices in the future :))

I think the people really concerned to sow seeds, raise seedlings and plant trees dont need a coin-crypto inentive. Just keep being you, banging the @cleanplanet and seed-bombs drum. Why need to be all tech?

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you're definitely right about the "tech" side and crypto token pegged to it ! but that represented less than 20% of my view and the 80/85 others % were more about an international ecological organisation / foundation ! also an organisation turned to tech too could sensitize more those people to ecological and natural aspects of our world/lives !

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