Could you ever imagine a world with NO MONEY?

in dtube •  8 months ago

What would it look like if every single person’s needs were attended to, if there were no battle over land, money, or resources. If we were all treated exactly the same? Just press play.
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A world without money is not possible in capitalism unfortunately.. :(


One can just as easily make the statement that capitalism is not possible in a world without money.

In fact, the ongoing disbursement of productive tooling into the general population shows very clearly that extant economic and technological conditions are resulting in decreasing need for capital investment to produce goods. When I can simply print small plastic parts, I have no need to buy parts from traditional factories.

A brief and cursory glance at the present bleeding edge of 3D printing shows that the technology isn't limited to small plastic parts, either. Concrete, metals, and practically every conceivable material - even including live cells - can be printed.

Capital is required for the development of factories. It is unnecessary for personal crafting of goods (in the sense meant by capitalism, an economic system dependent on large pools of capital, rather than considering that $1 in my pocket is capital), and the rapid penetration of personal production tooling, and breadth of the applications of such tooling, shows that capitalism is being replaced by personal crafting of goods.


First of all, yes, I am saying that capitalism isn't possible in a world without money. And on the other point, I almost entirely agree with you in the sense that capitalism with some day be replaced. Hopefully that will be something sustainable. Although I'm not so sure whether it will only be personal production or if it will simply be organized in a different way.


Actually, my own speculations are that, in the fullness of time, we personally won't have to concern ourselves with such work. Much like breathing, it will simply happen in the background.

Speculation aside, the economic trends show that capital is being more and more divorced from production, and production less and less dependent on capital, and it is difficult to conceive of capitalism long surviving the extant dispersal of productive capacity, if those trends continue.

I am certain, however, that those trends will not long be unopposed by those desirous of maintaining the status quo.


Perhaps no comment might better demonstrate why capitalism, and the economic pressures that create the sex trafficking industry, needs to end.

I am dreaming about this everyday...

I think to many people would stop working, or living. I know many that would or have already. For the rest of us that want to have a life outside of laziness, this would be great.