Summer Recital Sneak peek - HipHop Choreography

in #dtube4 years ago (edited)

Today was just all about the preparation of our upcoming summer recital. I am so proud to share the first part of it : Hiphop Choreography with coach Arvin. (I by theway introduced these guys to steemit but their account has not been approved yet).

Anyway below is the dtube link of the video:

This will be the first part of our whole production for the summer event. This is the culmination event of the summer dance classes at our studio. The song is Bad and Boujee by Migos

We envisioned it as showcase of all genre of performing arts. There will be hiphop, pole dance, ballet, aerial hoops and contemporary dance. Juli and I are so excited of how the show is going to come out.

Anyway, here's more sneak peak of our little dancers:



And the not-so-little-dancers

▶️ DTube

thosr guys are pretty awesome! i like the close up of the pole at first.. and so cute the little ones!! :)

yes! the kids are so adorable. yeeee! they just make my heart melt

thnx anne! :)

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