The Beautiful Place For Date at South Jakarta

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Ottoman's Coffee is one restaurant with a beautiful, luxurious design. This place is suitable as a place for dating, or to do Bridal Shower.

When I visited this place, someone was doing a Bridal Shower.

The design of instagramable places and dominated by soft colors like pink makes this place more and more felt to spread the romantic atmosphere filled with love.

The menus that I ordered that I showed in this video are:

  • Naked Burrito Bowl
    Mexican Rice, Grilled Chicken Breast, Black Beans, Sliced Avocado, Tomato Salsa, Poached Egg, Bread, Served with Sour Cream and Feta cheese.

  • Flaming Guavas
    Pink Guava Juice, Chilled Orange Juice, Yuzu, Frozen Strawberry.

What do you think? This restaurant is quite luxurious and beautiful for dating, right? But get ready you have to spend money that is quite expensive.


  • Ottoman's Coffee, Sapo Del Tower Kuningan, South Jakarta
  • Ottoman's Coffee, Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta.

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video keren mbak .


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Oh,,, Indah nya musik dan hanpa tanpa suaramu,,,, kami merindukan sapa mu,,,, hhhh


Musiknya banyak kok yang no copyright di Youtube untuk backsound seperti ini.

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Hhhh, y y ,,,

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You're so beautiful I see now. I didn't watch your previous Dtube videos and if you will make with your voice record highly appreciate. Follow you.


This is my second video on dtube. For first video, it didn't received vote from dtube.

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Lezato of food...thanks for sharong...

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