I interviewed Ron Paul on Bitcoin, Tax Reform, and President Trump today!

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Ron Paul discusses his opinions on Bitcoin, Tax Reform, and President Trump on CERNO News!

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Great interview with Dr. Ron Paul. Awesome to have you on Steem @andrewmeyer. Looking forward to supporting more great content from you.

Thank you, its great to be able to share with independent thinkers.

Great interview man, it's nice to see ron paul never ages or ever changes his views. Hes solid, Ive been supporting him for 15 years!

Very interesting interview! He does not think Trump is a puppet... that means a lot to me. I have been on the fence. He makes all the right enemies, but LOCK HER UP already!

U a badass fly mofo!
I had a great time listening to this interview.

Thank you...... Great interview..... Always have liked his outlooks

oh sweet! Love Ron Paul. Subscribed

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Damn man, that's what's up! Doing the damn thing.

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