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Hey Foodies! I love ice cream mochi and ever since we booked this Hawaii trip, I knew that I wanted to try mochi from the Two Ladies Kitchen but that was in Hilo and we were staying in Kona so it would be quite a drive. We were on the fence if we would go to the Two Ladies Kitchen since reviews were saying that there would be a long line and we didn't know if we could get there first thing in the morning, I read reviews saying that KTA (that is a local supermarket in Kona) is comparable so I decided to give them both try and film them both. The Two Ladies Kitchen Mochi will be up next week if you are interested.


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Taste Testing Mochi
Mochi from the Supermarket
Mochi in Kona
Hawaiian Mochi
Mochi From KTA
Japanese Mochi Taste Test
Mochi from Japan
Best Mochi in the World

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It looks awfull 😄

I have a feeling it's like eating bean-flavored gum? Are you sure is ice cream? Where is the cream??? And the ice? 😜


still on holidays? nice.

Glad to see you :)
While love the scenario behind it does really looks mesmerizing.
The effect of morning, the messed up parts are understandable ;)

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational video!

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