Coca Cola vs Mexican Cola

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Ever wondered if Coca-cola and Mexican Cola taste the same or are even comparable? Well if you have, I will tell you what I think about the two and if they can even be compared. I tasted the classic Coca-Cola in the glass bottle and I tasted the Jarritos Cola in the glass bottle as well. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed and learned something. Maybe I even got you to smile, if I did then my job here is done =)

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Living a 40 drive from Tijuana, we've always known that Mexican Coca Cola uses real cane sugar. Not the corn syrup that causes so much harm. We here in the Southern California love Mexican cold out of the bottle. 😃

Well! That was an interesting review @alphasteem! Thank you for the entertainment! :D

I normally shy away from any sort of pop (or as people south of where I live call it, soda!) because it's basically flavored sugar water and probably not the best thing for you! Insulin and diabetic response is a real thing in the U.S.A. and Canada because we are pretty overloaded on sugary foods and drinks.

Anyways! You don't seem like the sort person that binges on unhealthy food... so I ask! Can you do a healthy focused food review? Something that's ultra healthy that you particularly enjoy! I would REALLY enjoy that! :D

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Pls... Pepsi! :D

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