🔥 SPICY Black Bean Noodles CHALLENGE 🌶

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Hey Foodies! I decided to do this mukbang spicy black bean noodle challenge with you all today. I know on my other black bean video a few have said they tried black bean noodles and they did not like them but they were also a different brand, this is the Paldo Bul Jjajang brand and I really love this brand. I can't speak for the other brands =) I wasn't expecting these to be so spicy but they were, make sure the watch the whole video to see it I drank any liquid hehe. Hope you all got a kick out of this one, thanks so much for watching and supporting my channel!


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I see that.. STEEM... Also ... flava pack... FLAVA FLAVE!!!


I loveee Korean jajangmen!! Not sure I would go for the spicy one cos I can’t cope well with hotter than mild hahaa

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haha, i know and there are way spicier ones too

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