Two Ladies Kitchen MOCHI | Hawaiian MOCHI Taste Test | Best Mochi in the World?

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Two Ladies Kitchen Mochi Taste Test - Are They the Best Mochi in the World?

Hey Foodies! When we were in Hawaii we made the drive out to Hilo. It was a little over a two hour drive for us since we were staying in Kona which is on the other side of the island. If you are ever visiting Hawaii the big island, keep in mind that this is the biggest island and you will probably be doing a lot of driving. Also if you want to go to the Two Ladies Kitchen for some fresh mochi get there early because after we filmed this we drove passed it and there was a line out the door and you have to wait for your order if you place a "personal" order. This also wraps up my Hawaii series, thanks for watching! Had loads of fun filming these in Hawaii =)




Best Mochi
Two Ladies Kitchen Hilo
Where to Get Mochi in Hawaii
Famous Mochi in Hawaii

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Omg they are soooooo yummy! The strawberry ones were Devine!