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RE: DVlog #30 - Introducing to you NEW Steemians!

in #dtube4 years ago

MYNDNOW...yesterday was awesome! It was so great to see after such a long time. You are so inspiring and ur tips are so helpful.
Steemit and dtube is absolutely new for me and ur advises were so helpful in life.. He was also telling about @dailytube . This group is awesome what they do and reached.
We had a funny night together! @simplyyuma and I will integrate us as much as possible on steemit!
And don‘t forget to shoutout to @baschau. He is also a amazing guy. I hope we can watch soon your incredable and funny gaming skills.
I have also to say that the beer tasts amazing 😉
See you soon guys..


I was very happy to see you guys :) I'm glad that my tips helped you mate!! An amazing evening mate! Honestly :) we will definitely do it again someday!

Winny out...for now ;)

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