Inside an artificial brain

9 days ago
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A journey trough all the layers of a artificial neural network.

This video is made using a visualisation technique applied to a neural network trained to recognise a broad range of images. Each frame is recursively fed back to the network starting with a frame of random noise. Every 100 frames (4 seconds) the next layer is targeted until the lowest layer is reached.

Based on the work by Google researchers Alexander Mordvintsev, Christopher Olah and Mike Tyka. See for more information.

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  ·  9 days ago

so cuties..
i like your postt like my post if u can..

  ·  9 days ago

Wow! Thanks for that video, it's crazy and beautiful and so much more else at the same time :D

  ·  9 days ago

Testing the DTube platform, I made this video in 2015 and it was originally uploaded here: