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These mini Strawberry Mousse Cakes are so adorable. They have light soft fluffy strawberry mousse, covered in delicious chocolate mirror glaze, topped with crushed pistachios and candy. A definite show stopper! For this coming Valentine's Day, there are many ways to express your love to your loved ones, and cooking is definitively one of them! For everybody who wants to put a little extra effort in this holiday, whip up these beautiful Strawberry Mousse Cakes with chocolate mirror glaze. They will blow your mind. Quite easy recipe and requires no baking!

Ingredients :

Strawberry Mousse
300 gr strawberry puree
5g gelatine powder + 2 tbsp (30g) cold water
300 ml of double/heavy/ whipping cream (35% fat), cold
100 gr of icing sugar

Mirror Glaze
150 gr glucose syrup
150 gr granulated sugar
75 gr Water
10-12 gr gelatine + 75 gr Water for gelatin
100 gr condensed milk
150 gr white chocolate
Food colouring of your choice ( red and pink)
1 tsp of titanium dioxide ( optional)


Chocolate Mirror Glaze

5 gelatin sheets or 10 grams
Sugar 210 grams
Water 110 grams
Cocoa powder 65 grams
Double OR Heavy cream 65 grams
Dark chocolate min 75 % 50 grams


Step 1 : Make strawberry puree. Wash and cut your strawberries, i used about 250 gr of strawberries to get 300 gr of puree. After add strawberries in a pan, then sugar and cook on low heat until sugar dissolves. Place everything into the blender and puree until smooth.
Step 2 : Place gelatine into a bowl with water and leave it to puff up.
Step 3 : Make strawberry mousse. Whisk 200 ml of double cream or heavy cream in a bowl, add 100 gr of icing sugar and whisk until soft peaks. Add your strawberry puree, mix that in and then add dissolved gelatine. Add your mousse into a piping bag and set aside.
Step 4: Add strawberry puree into the preferred mould of your choice. Transform into the freezer for it to set completely. When its done, you should be able to take them out.
Step 5 : Make the mirror glaze, you can either make the chocolate one or normal one, its completely up to you. Pour over the cakes. Decorate the cakes the way you like it. Place the cake in the fridge to set and enjoy!

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Yum 😋

Looks yummy 😋 wish I could get a bite


Heheh it is good :)

This is amazing food

wie immer Boommbb!!!

This is such a great video! You have made this dessert, which would seem daunting to the average person, so approachable. Your style is easy going and you show the method, in easy to accomplish steps. So well done!

Mmmm this looks so delicious! I guess you could use vegetarian gelatin and it should turn out fine right?

Oh, my goodness, that sounds good. I am going to save this recipe. Thank you.

Looking absolutely delicious. You even dressed like the strawberry mousse chocolate. Can i take a bite of you? Haha

@allasyummyfood this looks so amazing and appetising, hopefully the one I'll make will be just as good as this one...👍


I’m sure it will be :)

Great work as usual Alla! This seems quite tasty, I need to sleep now... :(

They look scrumptious. This almost tempts me out of my Vegan diet but I will stay strong!

Mmm the glaze looks amazing and I just want to start shoveling that fluffy mouse in my mouth so bad.

We are live in from London and Ally's yummy food... And today we are going to make a ridiculous delicious strawberry Mousse Cake. I have go my self a custumade chef hats... So don't wear my queen of steemit crown today.. But i judt have them in the background.. If someone was wondering! 🌟👑🙏
Haha... Have a great Sunday 🌟

Wow this is so delicious and artistic :)

Oh no! Can't believe i am missing a taste of this mouth-watering cake! As a lover of cakes, i am hoping on trying that out soon(both the baking and eating, smiles). Thanks for the outlined steps. Really new here, hope you don't mind my following you.