Who inspired me on steem Blockchain - response by @ecotrain

in #dtube10 months ago (edited)

How are you all good and always be healthy This blessing and wish I shared with you a very important video today.

What I'm trying to say in the video is that with the help of them, I've been able to come so far today and who helped me, and for whom I continue to work on this beautiful platform today.

And thank you so much @ecotrain for asking such a beautiful question through how we got to this community. It was actually a very important question where we were able to share our journey. Thank you for asking such a beautiful question.

And thank you @sharirmhamud @hafizullah @steemitbd

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Happy to see my name brother, keep your good working.

Thank you brother

Pleased to see you have been so encouraged and supported in your steem journey - remember to return the favour to the next person in line finding their feet. :)

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